Custom fic rec page (with search and sort options):


(You should have some knowledge of HTML/CSS to use this theme.)

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Ficrecs page 01 by hardziam / themesbyzsu 


  • 3 links
  • Webkit scrollbar(s)
  • Search for fics via keywords
  • Hidden keywords list
  • Fully customisable colors
  • (Optional) pop-up reader commentaries (Don’t have to include them for every single one)
  • Star- rating system

Version A: 1 column {Preview} | {Code}

Version B: 2 columns {Preview} | {Code}

If there’s any problems, please do not hesitate to come to me and tell me!! please like/reblog if using too because it makes me happy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

inspiration & various scripts credit: {x}

Find the perfect theme


Finding a good new theme can be hecka hard so here’s a thing to make it easier 

HEREHERE, HERE and HERE are a bunch of easy, clean themes

HERE and HERE are whole networks of theme makers you can look through

HERE is a blog that makes themes and has a bunch of helpful tips and tutorials and has a bunch of other resources

HERE is where you can search for themes with specific aspects (lots of links, different sidebars,etc). It also has tutorials and other resources

HERE and HERE are a ton of updates tabs

HERE and HERE are masterposts of awesome sidebar/updates tab images

If those fail, go to your favorite blog/s and click on the credit (usually located in the bottom right corner). It will take you to the theme creator. Then look through their other stuff. If you liked one of their themes, you’ll probably like another! 

Go forth and find a perfect new theme!



  • if you want to change the color, move the hue arrow left or right
  • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own.
  • Like or reblog if you download!
  • Download - cl

Texture pack 0.2! This is my second texture pack and am rather proud of the outcome. Please like if you are downloading this texture pack or I’d be annoyed and probs come kill you; MF

layer masks and you


as promised, here’s a tutorial on layer mask basics to get you making more complex gifs with smaller file sizes. it’s kind of a continuation of my last tutorial, but you could easily pick up here if you already know how to do the stuff in that tutorial. contained herein are two main ideas:

  • using layer masks to reduce gif size
  • using layer masks to blend two gifs

this is gif i’m going to be recreating:


warning: gif/image heavy tutorial. 

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psd 418 mf / ss

*contains vibrance.
*works on any show, preferably on scenes shot in daylight.
*like or reblog if you download, please!


teen wolf psd by scottsmccall (mediafire)

  • works on indoor scenes with good lightning
  • adjust vibrance and color balance for best results
  • please like/reblog if you download
  • feel free to tag me in your post if you use it :)
  • enjoy!


Coloring Tutorial by charliecarvers; so some people asked me how I make and color these gifsets and I thought I’d give it a try and explain it.

Example of the end result:


Before you start reading I should warn you that this is quite a big tutorial and that you need some basic knowledge on how to make gifs and colorings.


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Texture Pack #39- Contains 32 mixed textures.