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A simple psd for stills 

download: xx

Lermun’s Color Porn Tutorial!


So I’ve gotten some messages lately asking me how I ‘color porn’ my gifs. First I wanna say that I don’t think I’m good at this at all but after these few messages I decided to give it a try (:

I’m going to explain 3 ‘types’ of color porn:
1. Making the background color stand out more
2. Changing the color of the background (I’ll show more examples with different colors later on)
3. Using gradient maps

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- Download.

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*Suits darker images. Play around with curves for lighter caps.

TUTORIAL: How I make my GIFs using Photoshop CS6


In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a GIF! I’ll be using this as an example: (sorry but the only videos I have are Iza ones ;D)


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How to make a simple gif on Photoshop CS6 (Extended)

  • Please know that I made this for my friend and I will be considering you as a first timer or whatever, you get me. :)

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psd 415 mf / ss

*contains vibrance.
*as per request, a psd for miley cyrus videos.
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psd 418 mf / ss

*contains vibrance.
*works on any show, preferably on scenes shot in daylight.
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Basic Gif-making Tutorial


For this tutorial I will be using:

  • VLC Media Player
  • Photoshop CS5

Instructions are under the cut!

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- Download [da]

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*best for picspams